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Visitor Services Representative

General Responsibilities: This front-line customer service representative will provide administrative support and handle monetary transactions for museum, library and shop.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Greets all CCHS guests in a welcoming, professional and courteous manner at the front reception desk, both in person and on telephone;
  • Answers general questions about CCHS exhibits, programs, special events, directions, website, neighborhood;


  • Possess excellent customer service skills; to provide a superlative customer service experience to visitors;
  • Friendly and welcoming, with clear communication skills;

Work Schedule:

Monthly work hour total varies with individual’s availability, but averages 10 – 20 hours per month; includes regular Saturday work hours, and some evening and weekend work for events

For full job description, application instructions, and compentation information, click here. This posting closes April 23, 2018. 



Internships, usually unpaid, are available in a variety of departments. They are temporary positions and are supervised by full-time professional staff.  Interns may interact with staff in other departments, volunteers, consultants, and the public.  CCHS is willing to work with students to arrange course credit for their work, should it be available.  Preferred applicants are graduate or upper-level undergraduates in history, library science, archives management, museum studies, education, anthropology or a related field with an interest in working with museum collections, special libraries, or archives. 

To be defined as an internship at CCHS: 

  • The student must receive course credit and/or be working on a project that is grant funded with specific tasks, requirements, and deadlines.
  • The student must have an academic advisor who is identified before the internship begins.
  • The work must be carried out in a minimum of 75 hours in 10 weeks.

Applications should include a letter of interest that explains what the intern can bring to the internship and what he/she hopes to get out of it. The letter should also briefly specify the department/discipline in which the student will seek internship credit and the requirements to earn credit. Applications for grant-funded internships, whether through CCHS or the school, should specify the relevant grant. Applications should also include a resume with contact information for three references. Applications for the summer are due March 15. Applications for the fall are due June 15. Applications for spring are due October 15.  An on-site interview is part of the process.  Phone or Skype interviews may be substituted for long-distance applicants.    

Student volunteers are those who do not necessarily have an academic advisor but complete a Volunteer Application and carry out at least 40 hours of work in 10 weeks.    


Internships are currently unpaid.  

Contact: Ellen Endslow, 610-692-4800 x257 eendslow@chestercohistorical.org 

Tasks to be completed:

Basic collections management includes: data entry into database software; original object cataloging; digital photography or scanning; primary research; object handling and re-housing. The goal is to make collections records more publicly accessible through an electronic medium and to physically improve object care. 

Skills required:
Attention to detail and flexibility are important. The ability to work with a variety of people is also essential. Clear communication skills, both written and verbal, will be useful in the work of cataloging as well as ensuring that the intern and staff person(s) understand expectations. 

Skills developed/products produced: 
The concrete results for the intern and CCHS will be finding aids or scope notes, catalog records, properly housed historical materials, and photographic documentation. Professional cataloging standards, processing collections and learning to understand how researchers might use these primary materials for analysis are a part of the learning experience.  

Internships are Tuesday through Friday during the day, 9:30 to 4:30. 


Internships are currently unpaid. 

Contact: Jasmine Smith, 610-692-4800 x226 jsmith@chestercohistorical.org 

Tasks to be completed:
Library interns will do both library and archival work. Interns will assist with collection maintenance, shelving, and cataloging. Interns may also work with processing new accessions. Interns may assist with digitization initiatives if an in-house project is in progress during the internship period. Interns interested in archives may process a small collection and write a finding aid to that collection. Specific tasks for each intern will be determined with the intern’s specific interests in mind. Tasks will vary as a result of the library projects available during each intern’s tenure.

Skills required:
Attention to detail is a must! Careful handling of historical documents, strong organizational skills, and an ability to interact with staff and volunteers are essential. 

Skills developed/products produced: 
The intern will learn how a special library functions, gain or enhance practical skills in archival organization, learn to manage manuscripts, and may produce a collection guide that will be added to the CCHS website. 

Interns will be scheduled during CCHS working hours, Tuesday through Friday 9:00 to 4:30. After an introductory training period, interns may be able to add Saturday hours to their schedule. 


Internships are currently unpaid. 

Contact: Pam Powell, 610-692-4066 x260 ppowell@chestercohistorical.org 

Tasks to be completed:
Interns may process a photograph collection, complete original cataloging, or rehouse photographs.  Scanning photographs and creating metadata may also be part of the practical experience. 

Skills required:
Careful handling of photograph, strong organizational skills and an ability to interact with staff and volunteers are essential.  

Skills developed/products produced: 
The intern will learn how photograph collections are organized in a special library, learn to rehouse photographs, digitize historical collections, and possibly produce a collection guide that will be added to the CCHS website. 

Internships are during the day, Tuesday through Friday 9:30 to 4:30, though there may be some flexibility after the internship commences. 

The Chester County Historical Society is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to non-discriminatory policies. All decisions regarding recruitment, hiring, promotion, and all other matters of employment will be made without regard to race, sex, age, religion, national origin or ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, or non-job-related handicap and/or disability.