Tail Coat, 1790-1800 (left)

Dress, 1815-1824 (right)

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Tail Coat, 1790 - 1800
Blue silk

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Breeches, 1780-1810
Cotton, linen lining
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Francis D. Brinton

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Vest, 1815-1830
Brown brocaded silk
Gift of Mrs. Albert Thompson

This man’s outfit reflects the high-waisted style of the period in the cut of the coat and waist of the pants. The tail coat, breeches and vest have been placed together to show the influence of men’s tailoring. They were not originally owned by the same people. The silk material of the tail coat makes it appropriate for formal occasions.

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Dress, 1815-1824
Gift of Sarah Miller

White was a fashionable color for dresses in the early 1800s, intended to imitate the appearance of ancient marble statues. Embroidery and tucked fabric are common embellishments. Cotton could be worn for formal and informal occasions.  

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