Reminiscences- Great Valley

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Collection Title: Reminiscences- Great Valley

Box Numbers: 2 Boxes

Repositiory: Chester County Historical Society, West Chester, PA

Language: English

Collection Contents:

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Collection Contents: 

BOX 1 

1. Photographs  #1

            1. Stirling Castle, Stirlingshire Scotland

            2. Statue of Robert Bruce, Stirlingshire, Scotland

            3. Castle view


2. Historical view of the Lands in the State of Maine Belonging to the Lord of Stirling


3. Letter regarding Stirling Family Tree to Mrs. Ligget


4. Major General Lord Stirling’s Letters (Photostats)

  1. Postcard showing Lord Starlings Quarters ( 1974)
  2. Newspaper clipping showing signing of Oath of Allegiance


5. Notations and Recollections re: Stirling and quarters

  1. Helen Alexander Campbell (another branch of the Stirling family)
  2. Mid- winter musings 1965 by Robert Ligget


6. Brochure of James Monroe Law Office and Museum


7. Wedding Story – Whitehouse Brides [ Newspaper clipping describing wedding of Maria  Monroe- daughter of President James Monroe.


8. Transcription of “Dr. Hughes (dialogue) Turns Back the Clock”

  1. Pamphlet – Ceremony of Dedication of Paoli Post Office [Dr. Robert C. Hughes of Paoli on a visit to Stirling’s Headquarters, April 1960]


9. Brochure – Dedication of Main Gates at Valley Forge – [various newspaper articles]


10. The Ligget Home – Photo of Stirling’s Headquarters


11. Baron Von Steuben Quarters  [article from “ The Picket Post”]


12. “Picket Post” article of Lord Stirling


13. Robert Ligget Articles


14. Washington Documents


  1. Document entitled “A Sage of the Washington Family”
  2. Engravings (2) of Washington
  3. Photos of Washington Headquarters at Valley Forge
  4. Invitation to the 350th anniversary of the Birth of William Penn
  5. Philadelphia Inquirer cover of Feb. 13, 1966
  6. Newspaper clipping re: Historic Carriage House at Valley Forge
  7. Photos of Washington descendants
  8. Invitation to reception for mayor of Philadelphia [contains Washington’s household accounts]


15. Transcription of interview by Robert Ligget of Anthony Wayne ancestor (Mr. William Wayne)

  1. Transcription of interview
  2. Calendar print showing fireplace at “Waynesborough”
  3. Newspaper clipping re: Gen Wayne
  4. Postcard photo of “Waynesborough”
  5. Newspaper clipping re: “Paoli Massacre” controversy in 1908 (clip from Daily Republican (3/2/59)  [Parts 1 & 2]


16. Ligget Interview (Transcription) of Descendants of Brigadier General Stephen Moylan


17. Ligget Interview (Transcription) of Descendants of General William Dewees


18. Invitation and Guest List to Dedication of Quarters of Major William Alexander


19. Ligget Interview (Transcription) of Descendant of “Lord Cornwallis’ Aide” Lieutenant George D. Crabbe [ David Taylor also relates WWI Story of Margaret  (Mata Hari) McCloud]

  1. “Report from Valley Forge ref: Death of David Taylor
  2. Article from Kingswood Kronicle re: Death of David Taylor


20. Ligget Interview (Transcription) of Major Patrick Anderson

            1. “Picket Post” article and photo  ref: Judge William Moore


21. Ligget Interview (Transcription) of “Baker General of Valley Forge”, Christopher Ludwick


22. Ligget Interview (Transcription)  of “Christopher M. Wells” re: the “Hessian Command” Letters & Articles re: House of Hesse


23. Lord Stirling’s Quarters Dec 1776 – Thompson Neely House – Washington Crossing, PA

  1. Brochure of “Colonial Dames Tours” ref: Stirling Quarters
  2. Calendar showing Lord Stirling Chamber in Thompson-Neely House
  3. Letter to Mrs. Robert Ligget re: Lord Stirling Death


24. History of Lord Stirling Quarters  1701-1926


25. Stirling Monument

  1. Photos of Monument at Stirling’s Quarters (Home of Robert C. and Frances Ligget)
  2. Invitation to Dedication of Monument
  3. “The Picket Post” April 1954
    1. pg 22 – Quarters of Lord Stirling
    2. pg 39 – Article on Lord Stirling
    3. pg 65 – Listing of members of Women’s Auxiliary re: Mrs. Robert Ligget.
  4. “The Picket Post” Autumn 1975 pages describing monument
  5. Agenda of Dedication of Monument
  6. Philadelphia Inquirer Article re: Monument Dedication (with Photos)
  7. Letters re: restoration of Starlings Quarters.


26. Stirling “Picket Post” articles


27. Reminiscences – Great Valley – Chester County PA – Valley Forge Section Part 1. [Transcription of audio tape interview regarding history of Stirling Quarters] Letter from Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette ref  “Theft of Rev Currie Gown”


28. Lord Stirling House – A description


29. Judge Moore and Lord Stirling Relationship.




30. History of Ligget Acquisition and Residence in “Stirling Headquarters”


31. Photographs of Lord Stirling House


32. Letter ref: 1984 TV Miniseries with segment on “Lord Stirling’s Quarters” [Postcards]


33. Article & Photos of Mr. & Mrs. Ligget Activities before and during WWII


34. Radnor Hunt articles with ref: to Ligget’s & Stirling Quarters


35. Paoli Massacre (Various newspaper clippings)

  1. London Sept 20 1943 – [Account of U.S. Soldiers visit to Cornwall Barracks]
  2. “Valley Forge Life” Sept. 22, 1966 re: proposed Tredyffrin Historical District (Parts 1 & 2)
  3. Philadelphia Inquirer Article Re: Gen Wayne’s Home
  4. Newspaper photo of “Anthony Wayne Ridgway”
  5. Philadelphia Inquirer photo of “Waynesboro” Sept. 4, 1969
  6. Photos of “Orrin Wickersham June” owner of “Waynesboro”


36. Transcript of “Great Valley Life and Community Projects”- Ligget/ Wilson interview


37.  Ligget Interview (Transcription)  of Mable Turner Irwin [Mable Turner – wife of noted  Architect Boyle Irwin (who restored Stirling’s Quarters)]

  1. Interview
  2. Photos and newspaper articles re: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and Philadelphia Flower Show


38. Ligget Interview (Transcription)  of Anita Clothier

  1. Interview
  2. map of “Valley Forge Day” 6/7/1942 with description of buildings and owners
  3. Philadelphia Inquirer Article f 6/3/65 re: passing of Joseph Knox Furnace who lived in “Selma” in Norristown
  4. Photos and Philadelphia Inquirer  article ref: Pickering Hunt”  11/1/62
  5. newsletter of Pickering Hunt August 1965


39. Newspaper clippings re: “The Paoli Local” commuting railroad.


40. Ligget Interview (Transcription)  of Robert and James Tindle of “Valley Forge Farm” [contains information and photos of Knox covered Bridge]


41. Ligget Interview (Transcription)  of Mrs Peter Boland and Mrs. Helen Boland – History of Chesterbrook Farm [ section entitled “Colonel Cassatt’s Chesterbrook Farm]

  1. Sheets of photos (3) of Cassatt’s Carriages on day of sale (may 1964).


42. Ligget Interview (Transcription)  of  Lilliam Frank Bovell [ article entitled “Hills of Home”. Story of Indian “Bright Star”]


43. Valley Forge Village and Mathilda Sheas (with photos)


44. Diamond Rock Farm (and school) on Yellow Springs Road [article and photos]


45. Memory Lane – Article by Bertha E. Golder-Kirkner


46. Miss PennyPacker of Phoenixville [contains descriptions of owners of Stirling’s Quarters]


47. Lafayette Quarters (with photos)


48. Document “ Mrs. Seely Dewees Remembers”   [Great Valley]