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History's People: Rebecca Lukens, Tough as Nails

Imagine the year is 1825. You are a 31-year-old mother, pregnant with your sixth child. You've already lost two children in infancy. Your husband has struggled for a dozen years to build an iron-making business in the rolling backcountry of Chester County on the banks of  Brandywine Creek.  Suddenly he dies, leaving you alone. The ironworks employees are ready to leave and your overbearing mother implores you to abandon the business.

History's People: Graceanna Lewis - Abolitionist to Natural Scientist

Graceanna Lewis was born in 1821 into a remarkable Quaker family in West Vincent Township. Her father was a well known abolitionist. Her mother was a talented teacher. And her uncle Bartholomew Fussell, also an abolitionist, had a school in York, Pennsylvania and helped found the Women's Medical College of Philadelphia.  One might say that this future abolitionist and natural scientist was destined to have an impact on society.

History's People: Ira Gruber and the Spring City Knitting Co.

If you needed underwear in 1957, you may have hopped on a trolley, train, or jumped in your car to go to J.C. Penney, Montgomery Ward, or Sears Roebuck. Chances are, if you were a man, you would have purchased underwear made right here in Chester County - Spring City to be more exact - at the Spring City Knitting Company on the banks of the Schuylkill River. The man behind it all was Ira Gruber, who built the company out of nothing in the early 20th century.

On the Edge of Discovery: Civil War POWs near West Chester!

Originally Posted April 17, 2012

Lieut. Wheeler, 1st West Virignia Cavalry, POW at Camp Elder

On the Edge of Discovery: Chester County CDV Photographers

 Originally Posted April 6, 2012

Unidentified Civil War Officer from a CDV by Eber Woodward, West Chester, PA, 1865.

On the Edge of Discovery: The IRS is Watching You

 Originally posted March 30, 2012  

CDV with tax stamp from the studio of A.A. Anderson

Family Day

Looking for something fun to do with your family on this President’s Day holiday? The Chester County Historical Society will be hosting our annual Family Day celebration on President’s Day Monday, February 17, 2014 from 10:00am-1:00pm. 

History on Tap ~ Windsor Chairs

The Ship Inn

693 East Lincoln Highway

Exton, PA 19341

Tuesday, April 22 at 6:30pm

Herb Lapp will present on Windsor Chairs which have been a popular part of American seating furniture since the 1700s.  Learn from a craftsman about the history of Windsor chairs and how they are made.  He will explore the idea of Windsor chairs in the eighteenth century as possible indication of a linkage between Quakers living in Philadelphia and Chester County.