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History's People: Owen J. Roberts, Man of Justice

The naming of institutions after individuals is a powerful thing. It ensures that we don't forget the great people of the past. In the case of the northern Chester County's Owen J. Roberts School District and associated schools, it worked. The former West Vincent Township resident and Supreme Court Justice's name is revered in perpetuity.

History's People: 235 Years Ago Gen. Anthony Wayne Defeated at the Battle of Paoli

If you lived in Chester County 235 years ago, you might have witnessed key moments of the American Revolution. Huge swaths of the county saw troop movements, encampments, and even battles through September 1777 and beyond. And exactly 235 years ago today, the Battle of Paoli rattled the Continental Army as one of the American Revolution's darkest points.  At the center of it all was General "Mad" Anthony Wayne.

History's People: Visionary's Created the Chester County Archives

Visionaries Created the Chester County Archives

On August 27, 2012, the county and region will celebrate thirty years of the Chester County Archives. The archives, housed in the Government Services Center, is administered by the Chester County Historical Society (CCHS). The collection contains government records that document over 300 years of county history. Without the efforts of many dynamic people, those records undoubtedly would have all but disappeared and been forgotten.

History's People: Chester County's Uriah Hunt Painter, Civil War Correspondent

Nearly 150 years ago, Chester Countian Uriah Hunt Painter was exactly where he wanted to be –in the middle of one of the biggest battles in American history, the Battle of Gettysburg.

History's People: Atglen's Schiffer Publishing Company Making History

When it comes to the materials of our past, one Chester County publishing company has had it figured out for decades.  From furniture and textiles to toys and Christmas ornaments, for nearly forty years, Schiffer Publishing has produced thousands of books that teach us our history through objects. The business, a true family affair, has always had its roots planted firmly in Chester County.

History's People: Little Lulu's Creator was County Resident

It is the time of year where toys, books, and games have just taken center stage.  Characters like Elmo, Barbie, and the Teenage Mutant Turtles have graced our circulars, television sets, and store shelves since...well, September!  

History's People: The Murder Trials of Kennett's John Reed

The year was 1820 and the nation was grappling with the issue of slavery like never before.  The admittance of new states forced the issue before Congress, which sought to balance power between free and slave states. That year, the Missouri Compromise provided a temporary solution that allowed slavery below the 36' 30" latitude line west of the Mississippi River. Two new states were admitted -  Missouri, a slave state which was actually above the 36' 30" line, and Maine, a free state.