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Walking the East End by Sarah Wesley & Catherine Quillman

Announcing the publication of an updated walking tour booklet featuring historic African-American and Civil War era sites in West Chester, PA.

The new edition is designed to be a scholarly resource (and walking tour) and features a new appendix and special section documenting the lives of former slaves and free black residents in 19th century West Chester and their activities before and during the Civil War. The book also documents the Civil Rights era. West Chester native Bayard Rustin was born and raised in the East End and he formulated many of his tactics of nonviolent action in the downtown West Chester.

The unusual stories of free black men like Abraham D. Shadd, whose image is found on a commemorative stamp in Ontario, Canada, are also featured. Shadd was one of three black "agents" involved in West Chester's Underground Railroad. He was also a mentor to the sole black survivor of the famous Harper's Ferry raid who went onto help publicize John Brown's actions in the book.


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